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The black hat SEO refers to a collection of methods used to enhance a site's or page's rank in search engines by violating the search engines' terms of service. The phrase "black hat" arose in Western films to differentiate the "bad people" from the "good ones," who wore white hats.

Some of the most prevalent black hat SEO practices:

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i. Interlinking: the practise of creating numerous websites on a same topic and linking back and forth between them only to improve their search engine results.

ii. Cloaking is a method that use code to display one search-engine-friendly website to a crawler while displaying an entirely other page to a human visitor. The engines despise this since it makes determining the quality of the material a person is seeing impossible.

iii. Invisible text: text that is the same colour as the page result's backdrop; people cannot see it, but search engines can. This is similar to keyword stuffing, but with the added benefit of displaying distinct information to the search engine bot and the human visitor.

iv. Doorway pages are highly optimised web pages that exist solely to lead traffic to other sites, either by an automated redirect or by being densely packed with links. v. Spam page: a page with no significant content and is full with advertisements from which the webmaster profits if someone clicks on them.

vi. Purchasing expired domains: purchasing expired domains that included high-ranking pages in order to capture part of the previous site's inbound "old visitors influence."

vii. Buying and selling links to assist increase search ranking: Search engines frown on buying and selling links only to influence your search engine rating.

viii. Keyword stuffing is the practise of repeating keywords on a single web page. This is less effective now since search engine algorithms are better at discriminating between this practice and correctly produced material.


This is a list of the tactics used by black hat SEOs to enhance their ranks and attract visitors. As a general guideline, if what you're doing offers actual value to the end user, you shouldn't be concerned about your own site. If, on the other hand, you use something to artificially influence your search engine ranks, you may be entering grey- or even black hat area. Be extremely cautious if you value your domain's long-term reputation.

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