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Imagispark is found to promote, advertise and market your businesses on digital platforms. We can create a digital space for you to reach customers and interact with them on a personal level. Our expertise is in promoting, branding, designing, developing and marketing for any service or product that you provide. We are a Digital Marketing Company that works with excellence for the competence of your business in the market. With approaches to systematic demand, our company will set-forth the solutions required for your branding. Our services are challenging the modernized obligations in Digital Marketing that will help your business compete in the market. Imagispark has flourished in the field of Digital Marketing Services and it has been thriving with remarkable feedbacks and upgraded modernized services to compete with expanding technological environment.

What We do?

Digital marketing

Marketing being our core service, it has become increasingly important for brands and businesses to be present on the internet and expand their reach and visibility. In this world of digital media, to be able to sell your product or service is now easier and faster. You can reach millions in just one click.

Business Consultancy

With the increasing complexity and volatility, driving operational efficieny and enabling collaboration amidst constant change is a difficult task. Business consultancy services can help you overcome such difficulties and allow unbiased and independent ideas and solutions on various matters.

We as consultants administer your inquiries and examine them for you to present individual solutions for the complications confronted in marketing.

Digital marketing Training

Our firm belief is to spread the knowledge we own to others who are willing to learn. We encourage students of all age groups and others from the industry or any other individual to take up this course irrespective of the purpose behind their learning.

Having the best digital marketing trainers in Hyderabad, we welcome you to join our digital marketing training sessions with a positive mind and with an objective to learn something new every single day.


Developing the internal aspect of staffing and contriving well structured organization with the precise and complete the void of roles with suitable candidates.

Staffing process stresses on equipping the organisation with an exact number of people, and finding out efficient and effective workforce, to fill different posts in the organisation. Our staffing process invloves a series of steps inluces manpower planning, recruitment, selection, placement, orientation and induction, training, and development.


Our Services


SEO helps with 'VISIBILITY'. In layman's terms, your target audience should be able to view your website on the top of the search engine. If you want your website to get hits, SEO is what you are looking for.

On-page and off-page optimization will also be considered and accomplished.


Social media plays a major role in marketing as your presence on the internet and other social media platforms will help you connect with customers globally. On the other side, we will also keep up your online reputation and ensure that we target the right audience.


Google AdWords is a simple method to promote your business through ads. To make your website visible through relevant keywords. Google AdWords campaigns will attract leads, sales, website traffic, brand awareness, and product consideration.

Content Marketing

Presenting interactive content can be tricky, but with our notable content writers, this enigma can be done effectively. Content Marketing is the face of your business, and we will ensure that this art of writing will help you make lots and lots of money.

Email Marketing

Fabricating relevant and creative emails is a method used by companies to impress and attract customers. The logic is to create emails through captivating visuals that leave an idea to the reader’s mind.

Web Designing & Development

Web designing services will help you design and curate your webpages with absolute unique designs and most importantly making them user-friendly for every medium. We will also work on developing your website which will include Front and Back-end Developments.

Our Clients


The mind behind the idea


Madhulika Kanneganti

Founder & CEO

One step at a time with consistency leads to beautiful destinations. Building your success ladder with your knowledge and experience and organically growing up is what I believe in. If you want to learn more about the power of conversation, about courage and vulnerability, about nurturing creativity and being the best version of yourself, this could be the place you're looking for.

Our Team

M Neha Goud

Social Media Specialist

Mohammed Azeem

Business Development Executive

Nishtha Vivek Pandya

Digital Marketer

Sukrutha K Sanichen

Content Writer

Ashwini Thigale

Web Developer

Sri Mythili Badineni

Graphic Designer

Imagispark is found to promote, advertise and market your businesses on digital platforms. We can create a digital space for you to reach customers and interact with them on a personal level.

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